Lubuntu 10.04 alpa

Esta aqui Lubuntu XD,se ocupan testiadores.. Link de Descarga… Mando a la pagina para que descargen el Iso mas nuevo..

Desde hoy ya abra Lubuntu y ISOs .

Mensaje Original…

I made a virtualbox vm with 128 M RAM.  I could boot into the live
system from your CD.  Cool!  Is there a way to install it on the
virtual hard drive?  Or is that not ready yet?
Let me know.  I have lots of machines waiting for this distro once it
is ready, so I'll have a lot to test it on.
jeff elkner
On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 11:21 AM, Julien Lavergne <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just created an ISO of Lubuntu Lucid for testing purpose. But before
> starting to download it, please read the following "release notes" :
> * Using lxdm instead of gdm
> This ISO uses a not-yet-in-the-official-repository version of lxdm, the
> display manager of LXDE instead of gdm. I would like to test the state
> of it and if it's possible to include it in Lubuntu.
> * Using network-manager instead of wicd
> This is a temporarily solution, my first tests reported that wicd
> doesn't work on Live-CD.
> * Doesn't have utilities (manage users, network etc ...)
> It's a bug in gnome-system-tools (see bug 497441 [1]) which bring all
> GNOME packages as depends. It was temporarily removed from the seed.
> * Doesn't have an installation icon
> See previous point, it's the same problem.
> * Can't use synaptic, or any applications using gksu
> It's a problem in lxdm, not creating an .Xauthority file. To workaround
> it, you can do in a terminal "startx", which should crash but create the
> necessary file. It's something to fix before trying to include lxdm.
> * No customization, looks like a Ubuntu CD
> Yes, I know. Artwork welcome :)
> So, as everyone is warned, there is the link :
> ISO :
> md5sum : 7fb4b82a7faadb209e2ae4ca831283e5
> Last note, this ISO was created "by-hand" (mean by using
> chroot/mksquashfs/mkisofs), because building with official architecture
> is currently blocked (space problem on the server).
> Happy testing :)
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
> [1] :
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